CurrentAfter  22 September 2023
Analytical WritingTwo essays, one on “Analyzing an Issue” and another on “Analyzing an Argument”. Time Allocated:60 MinutesOnly one essay on “Analyzing an Issue”. Time allocation: 30 minutes
Verbal Reasoning

Two sections with 40 questions in total.
Time allocation: 60 minutes

Two sections with 27 questions in total.
Time allocation: 41 minutes

Quantitative Reasoning

Two sections with 40 questions in total.
Time allocation: 60 minutes

Two sections with 27 questions in total.
Time allocation: 47 minutes

Unscored/ unidentified sectionOne unscored/unidentified section could be from the verbal or quantitative reasoning part.There will be no unscored/unidentified section.
Break10 minutesNo Break
Total Time3 hours, 45 minutes1 hour, 58 minutes

The duration of the GRE General test will be reduced beginning this September 2023. According to recent ETS modifications, the GRE General exam will take less than two hours to complete, which is nearly half the length of the present exam. The “Analyze an Argument” task will be removed from the Analytical Writing portion, and the number of questions in the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections has also been reduced. Moreover, the unscored/unidentified section has been removed, and there will be no scheduled break anymore.

SAT Exam In Nepal: A Brief Overview

SAT, a globally recognized admission test that is accepted at all U.S. Colleges and Universities in USA, and few in Canada and in other countries. The SAT measures the skills and knowledge that are the most important for success in college and career. It has 3 sections:


This section comprises a Reading Test and Writing and Language Test, which has multiple paragraph passages and multiple-choice questions.

The Reading test measures your comprehension and reasoning skills on a wide variety of subjects. The Writing and Language Test measures a wide range your skills such as expression of ideas, use of grammatically appropriate English, etc.


The Math measures your skills in algebra, problem solving and data analysis, manipulation of complex equations, geometry, and trigonometry. The questions are divided into 2 portions: with calculator and with no calculator.


You need to read a high-quality source text and write a thorough analysis of that text using evidence. It tests your reading, analysis and writing skills. Your scores are on a 2-8 scale.

Score Structure

Total Score: 400-1600

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Section: 200-800

Math Section: 200-800

Time Allotment:

ComponentsTime Alloted (minutes)
Writing and Language35

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