You’ve decided to prepare for English proficiency tests, college entrance exams, standardized admission tests, or professional licensing exams. That’s great – being well-prepared can make a huge difference in your performance and outcomes. But now you need to determine how best to prepare for the exams. Would it be better to self-study or enroll in one of the many test preparation centers around Kathmandu, Nepal?


When preparing for various tests in Nepal, you have two main options: studying on your own or joining a test preparation institute. Each has its pros and cons, so you need to consider what will work best for your needs and learning style.

Self-studying at home allows you to go at your own pace, focus on your weaknesses, and avoid the costs of preparatory courses. However, you miss out on guidance from experienced instructors and collaborative learning with other students. Also, self-study may not be ideal for you if you lack discipline or are struggling with difficult concepts.

Test preparation institutes provide structured courses, experienced faculty support, and a peer group for motivation and collaboration. The downside is less flexibility, higher costs, and time restrictions. Some students find the classroom environment distracting and might struggle to keep up with the pace. 


When it comes to choosing a test preparation center in Kathmandu, you have a lot of options. How do you find one that’s right for you? Here are some things to consider:

  • Teaching Methodology and Study Material: Look for institutes that provide high-quality and latest study materials, experienced teachers, and proven teaching techniques. It is important to choose a center that is a good fit for your learning style. Some centers primarily emphasize theory, whilst others combine theoretical lectures with practical sessions via mock tests.
  • Class Size: If you learn better in small groups, look for centers with limited class size, so you get enough individual attention. Larger centers aren’t necessarily bad as long as instructors are effective.
  • Course Flexibility: If you have a busy schedule, look for centers that offer classes on weekends, early mornings or evenings. Some also provide the option of customized or crash courses based on your availability. Make sure the course timing and duration fit your needs.
  • Cost: Prices vary, so It is advisable to compare prices. Consider your budget but don’t sacrifice quality to save money. Some centers offer scholarships or payment plans to make courses more affordable.

Importance Of Test Preparation

Needless to say, practice makes perfect. As you prepare for the test, it puts you in a better spot to score better. Abroad education demands proficiency in their language to excel in studies as well as day to day interaction. Some of the common tests are:

This is an English proficiency test that assesses your skills in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. It is widely accepted in over 10,000 educational institutions worldwide. To prepare for this test, check out our IELTS Class in Kathmandu

This test is administered online to students who want to study in English speaking countries. Edwise Foundation helps you prepare so you can pass with flying colors. Learn more about our TOEFL Class in Kathmandu


This is a standardized test designed to check if a student has the aptitude required for university admissions and scholarships in the US. The education consultants at Edwise Foundation can help you prepare for this test. Learn more about our SAT Classes in Kathmandu

This is an admission test to top MBA schools across the USA, as well as various countries like India, New Zealand, and Germany just to name a few. As a standardized test, it offers tough competition and therefore you’ll need systematic preparation for it. Learn more about Edwise Foundation’s GMAT Classes in Kathmandu


This is both an admission and scholarship test, and is a mandatory requirement for admission to Grad courses in the fields of science and humanities. We can help you prepare for this test through our GRE Classes in Kathmandu

If you would like to speak to our faculty prior to signing up for the tests or talk to Advisors to know which test would work better for you, please submit this form:



    Lack of Self-Discipline and Time Management

    If you lack self-discipline and time management skills when taking a test preparation course, it is easy to fall behind on assignments, studying, and practicing. To overcome this:

    • Create a regular study schedule and stick to it. Set some time each day just for studying and practicing problems. Treat it like any other appointment.
    • Set small, achievable goals to work towards rather than viewing the course as a whole. Focus on mastering one topic or section at a time.

    Difficulty Understanding Complex Concepts

    Some of the concepts covered in test preparation courses can be quite complex. If you find yourself struggling to grasp certain ideas:

    1. Don’t fall behind. Ensure you fully understand each topic before moving on to the next one. Ask questions if anything is unclear.
    2. Ask your instructor for extra help. See if they can recommend additional resources for practice or provide one-on-one guidance.

    Test Preparation Strategies In Nepal

    You can take a practice test to assess your current level and make necessary adjustments to your preparations. You are better able to understand the test format and not take the test like shooting in the dark.

    You will also be able to manage time better as you become cautious about the time constraints as well get familiar with how much time each section takes. It helps you practice structuring and clearly expressing your opinions as needed in a classroom. This develops an awareness in you about the importance of becoming proficient in English to comprehend and to express yourself clearly.

    Test preparation also has the added benefit of having the opportunity to become familiar with the foreign education system. It will also help you with any job or visa interviews you might face in the future as you gain insights and skills about the language.

    So, position yourself in the best possible manner for foreign education by taking Test Preparations seriously. Contact Edwise Foundation below and we will help you prepare for your test: