BM khadka

BM Khadka

Chief Executive Officer(CEO) and Senior Advisor

Mr. Khadka, Chief Executive Officer/Senior Adviser, is a visionary leader and a pioneer of promoting the U.S. Higher Education in Nepal. Driven by a goal to find right-fit school for students, Mr. Khadka has built a network of over 200 universities and 10,000+ students especially in the U.S.A and other countries since 2005. Being a USATC, QEAC, CCEA and The British Council Certified Counselor and a Master’s degree holder in English Education, he values students’ desire to follow their dreams and leads them along the way to success. Mr. Khadka also attends AIRC, NAFSA, ICEF conferences and various other workshops in the U.S. every year to provide the most reliable and up-to-date information to his students. Mr. Khadka’s primary expertise includes country comparison, international-client relations, university selection, application support (admission and funding) and more importantly, F-1 visa interview process besides his managerial and strategic roles at Edwise Foundation.