Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) is going to launch a new version of the GMAT, GMAT Focus Edition which will be more efficient, flexible, and insightful than the current version. Registration for the new edition will open on August 29, 2023, and the testing will start in the fourth quarter of 2023 (October- December). It will focus on higher-order critical reasoning and data literacy skills that are more relevant to  today’s dynamic business environment. Before being phased out sometime in 2024, the existing GMAT exam will also continue to be administered.

Here are the major changes:

  • “Analytical Writing Assessment” will be eliminated and there will be only three sections with a time allocation of 45 minutes each.
  • The “Integrated Reasoning” section in the current version will be replaced by “Data Insights” which is a combination of the Integrated Reasoning section and  Data Sufficiency questions from the Quantitative Reasoning section.
  • Unlike the current version where only Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning sections factor into the total score, in the new version all three sections of the test Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Data Insights will factor into your total score.
  • You will now get to bookmark and review as many questions as you like, and even change up to three answers in each section.
  • With the new GMAT version, it will now be possible for you to take the exam in any sequence you like making the test very flexible.
  • Score sending option will be upgraded, as you will be able to send your score after knowing your scores to 5 schools for free.
  • The test is now more insightful than before as the official score report itself will provide you with detailed insights into your performance. No need to pay $30 for an Enhanced Score Review (ESR) like before.

Overview of GMAT Focus Edition:

 No. of QuestionsQuestion TypesSection Duration
Verbal Reasoning23Reading Comprehension;
Critical Reasoning
45 minutes
21Problem Solving;
Algebra and Arithmetic
45 minutes
Data Insights20Data Sufficiency;
Multi-source Reasoning;
Table Analysis;
Graphics Interpretation;
Two-Part Analysis
45 minutes

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