SectionBeforeAfter 26 July 2023
WritingIndependent Writing TaskReplaced with ‘Writing for an Academic Discussion’ task, for which 10 minutes is allocated. No change to the integrated writing task.
Reading30–40 questions based on 3 reading passages.
Time allocation: 54–72 minutes
20 questions based on 2 reading passages.
Time allocation: 35 minutes
Listening28–39 questions based on 3-4 lecturers and 2-3 conversations.
Time allocation: 41–57 minutes
28 questions based on 3 lectures and 2 conversations.
Time allocation: 36 minutes
SpeakingNo changeNo change

Changes in TOEFL iBT after July 26, 2023:

  • The test will now take less than two hours to complete — previously three hours.
  • It will now have a shortened Reading section with only two reading passages and 10 questions each. There will be no change to the content of the articles and the question styles.
  • The listening section will be shortened to just 28 questions in total.  There will be no change to the content and question styles.
  • A new, more modern Writing task, called “Writing for an Academic Discussion,” will replace the current Independent Writing task.
  • The speaking section will be exactly the same.
  • There will be no break.
  • There will be no unscored test questions anymore.
  • Test takers can create an account and register for an available TOEFL iBT test date quicker and easier than ever before.
  • Test takers will now be able to see their official score release date upon completion of the test, in addition to receiving real-time notification of changes to their score status.
SectionNo. of QuestionsEstimated Timing
Reading2035 Minutes
Listening2836 Minutes
Speaking4 Tasks16 Minutes
Writing2 Tasks29 Minutes
Total Time Under Two Hours